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Amazing service. My soon-to-be new community kept trying to give me the run-around but Ben and Susie really handled our situation with excellent professionalism. When I move out, I would definitely try them again.

Alden Darbouze    September 29, 2016   

I used ben and i recommended him to my dad and he used him also. I had to express how happy we both are to have dealt with ben. Finding and getting my duplex was very smooth didnt have much drama but my dads deal getting a condo was a real tough. The associaiton denied him for credit and he was pretty devestated but ben said not to worry they were not allowed to deny him becasue of bylaws or something like that. he said he would fight it. He began writing letter demanding the condo rules bylaws and other stuff. Make a long story short yesterday the association retracted their denial and accepted him. Im not sure anyone would have done what he did to get us in but he really knows what hes talking about

Orestes G    September 18, 2016   

Very good service.
Ben was very kind and assist me during all my process and thanks to him I was able to find a nice place to live.
Thanks again

marianne    October 4, 2016   
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Ben and List Realty have been helping me for years. They have found me a beautiful home to rent for my family, and have helped me rent out investment properties I own. Ben also got me a great price for a home I needed to sell quickly. Ben knows the Hollywood market like the back of his hand, and has great resources outside of the area as well. I would enthusiastically recommend Hollywood Homes for any aspect of purchase, sales or rental.

Amanda M    August 28, 2016   
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First off, Mr Garcia was amazingly helpful. I was really worried since i was moving from georgia and everything is different an way more expensive. I was told not to trust anyone down hear but i had to take a leap of faith because i dont know the areas or neighborhoods. I did meet several agents before I met ben and within 10 minutes I knew he was the one. he answered all my questions and didnt try to shove me in a place. Im super happy!

Steven Amas    September 4, 2016   
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I wish there was a 10!! I am so very happy to have contacted Mrs. Demitro. After several bad run ins she was able to help myself and my roommates obtaining a place to stay. I'm truly thankful for the entire List Realty team that made this move happen. Thank you thank you thank you for EVERYTHING!

Dee Dee Williams    October 15, 2016   

What a frustrating experience i was having before I ran across bens website. I must have called a dozen realtors and no one ever got back to me. Thank you Mr.garcia for getting back to me and helping me find my new apartment I really love it.

P Jacques    October 4, 2016   

Had a great experience with ben buying our first home. I had no idea what to expect from the process and Ben was there every step of the way and we got our new home.

Felix Johnson    September 27, 2016   
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From the very moment i have thought of buying home in Florida and i met these people Hollywood Homes, i got to know that this team is far beyond the type of real estate agents that might encourage you to buy a place. These people actually finds what you need and exactly what my dream home. I am very thankful and glad to work with them. Really Appreciated.

M Hagg    August 24, 2016   
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I can't say enough positive things about LIst Realty. Everyone was professional, efficient and always accommodating. They took the time to understand my needs and guide me through the process of finding housing that best suited my needs. They are true professional who are always concerned with the best interests of their clients.

Carol D    September 14, 2016   

Ben was outstanding from start to finish! We had a bit of a rocky road when we had to relocate from Vero Beach, but Ben made the process so smooth. He always worked with our difficult schedule and was a huge help in moving the application process along quickly when we needed it. I would definitely recommend Ben to anyone looking to rent or buy!

Elizabeth    October 16, 2016